In Native Hawaiian cosmology, Hāloa is the first human on earth, named for his elder sibling, the first kalo plant. Hāloa translates to the "long breath".  Hāoa's father is Wākea, the sky father, for whom the highest mountain in Hawaii and the Pacific is named (Mauna a Wākea or Maunakea.) This mauna is one of the most sacred places in all of Hawaii and some have said, in the world. Hāloa is not only our elder sibling, he is the "long breath" that is the genealogical and physical manifestation of the relationship between akua (deities), our many kūpuna (ancestors), such as ʻāina (land), and wai (water) and Hawaiians today. Kalo feeds us physically, Hāloa feeds us spiritually, they are one.